Secure Data Destruction.

Consider the information stored on a hard drive, floppy disk, cd, backup tapes, or videotapes. Information such as:

    • Financial.
    • E-mail.
    • Sales.
    • Contact Information.
    • Product Development Plans.
    • Marketing Plans.
    • Trade Secrets.
    • Personal information.
    • Passwords.

Is this information you want to share?

We offer our clients a secure means of destroying media without putting confidential information at risk.

Where possible we endeavour to refurbish and re-use as much equipment as possible to assist in the reduction of waste.

However, we do cater for many clients who are uncomfortable with their redundant equipment being re-used and would prefer for security reasons all equipment to be recycled.

Hard Drives to be destroyed are chopped into pieces using a pair of industrial shears.

Equipment destined to be ‘refurbished’ is sent to our workshops where they undergo a series of tests that includes the Hard Drives being erased using recognised software, which actually overwrites all of the data on your hard drive so you can feel confident that any sensitive information is permanently eliminated. This software is certified to US Department of Defence Standards.

Floppy Disks, Backup Tapes, Videotapes.

We offer secure shredding of this material.

Destruction Witnessed.

We also offer clients the opportunity to have a representative witness the destruction of their media for additional peace of mind.


  >SEPA Approved Authorised Treatment Facility: WEE/SE0718PA/ATF (PDF, 429kb)
>SEPA Registered Waste Carrier: SEA/074880 (PDF, 231kb)
>SEPA Exemption, Para 47, Reuse & Recycling of Computer Equip: WMX/XC/1105010

>SEPA Exemption, Para 48, Storage of WEEE pending recovery: WML/XS/1104801


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